Sunday, June 04, 2006

netflix vs. vongo: round 2


netflix again sets the early pace of this round, bolstered by its utter domination in round 1. leveraging the tremendous strength of its enormous library of titles, this fight looks all but over. netflix hammers vongo with the fact that selections in its much smaller library also have expiration dates, as the bulk of the vongo library is cycled, much like the programming of its parent company, starz, changes month-to-month.

that is, until vongo, with what looks like a classic rope-a-dope move, and begins counter-punching. whereas netflix, just like your typical brick-and-mortar rental location, can be out of stock on a particular item from time to time…

vongo, by the very nature of its service being download-based, is never out of any of its selections. and…vongo users can keep non-ppv selections as long as they want, as long as they are available in vongo’s library.

vongo’s fresh new attack stuns the champion, setting netflix back on its heels.

enough that vongo takes round 2 by the slimmest of margins.

on to round 3…



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