Saturday, January 21, 2006

so...noticed something cool about messenger 8 today...

thanks to my good buddy vlad, who graciously sent me an invite to join, i've been using messenger 8 for a couple of weeks now.

and...altho i'm not crazy about the general look of the interface, which i'm describing now as the amazing technicolor popsicle...i did discover one feature over the past several days which i think totally rocks.

namely...cached delivery.

in previous versions of messenger, if someone on your friends list is offline, you get a big old bzzzzzzt! wrong! thank you for playing! error message if you try to send that person a message.

but in the 8 beta, if you send a message while someone is offline, that message is cached, and then delivered the next time that person signs in.

for someone like your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy..who loves to play hit-n-run im...that feature kicks much ass!

i can now drop quick hey, how's it going? notes to anybody with 8, whenever.

plus, it also means that yours truly prolly won't leave himself logged in to messenger quite so much.

normally, i just leave my pc running, and messenger set to online. that way i can look at the messages when i'm actually back at the keyboard.

there's a drawback to that approach tho...

such as when the aforementioned vlad dude, i locked myself in the server cage tonight mazek is bored, sees i'm on, then gets torqued that i'm not really there, and leaves something like:

vlad: hey
vlad: you there
vlad: wake up cletus
vlad: dude c'mon
vlad: you suck

not that i'm expecting those to stop really.

but at least now he won't have my messenger masquerading to blame it on.


Blogger Tim Barrett said...

The sharing folders rawk hard too! Haven't tried the streaming audio to a buddy yet though.

3:32 PM  

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