Saturday, February 11, 2006

early vista adoption: reason #1

finally saw, this weekend, the first truly compelling reason for anyone to immediately upgrade to windows vista, namely...

the pc version of halo 2 will be released for windows vista only

in other words...

so, if you're a diehard pc gamer...namely, someone who refuses to buy a console that costs about 2/3 as much as the cheapest video card that will be necessary to run halo 2 at a playable framerate...then you'll want to get your pre-order for windows vista in now.

of could just buy a high-end gaming pc after vista is released.

sure, that piece of junk will start at $5k, but includes vista pre-installed.

and everyone knows that 1337 g@m3rz can't afford to waste time on
eating, sleeping, bathing, or visiting the bathroom...other than gaming.

so that definitely rules out actually taking the time to install an os upgrade.

of course, this still isn't a reason for corporate customers to upgrade.

unless you work for a company that allows after-hours deathmatching...


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