Thursday, February 09, 2006

skype 2.0 and the golden rule

skype just released the long-awaited version 2.0 of their product.

now...your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has heard a lot of folks in the sbs community mention they won't run skype, all of them giving a similar refrain:

i've heard bad things about it...
it can't be trusted...
it has problems...

to me...that sounds an awful lot like the ignorant, biased slamming of sbs that those very same sbs folks go absolutely bonkers over.

i mean, c'mon folks...use some common sense.
  • disable skype from loading at startup.
  • close it when you are finished.
  • keep it patched.
treat it just like we treat all the other tools that those of us in sbs-land swear by, including sbs (yes, sbs is a tool).

all i'm saying is...don't be a hypocrite.

give skype a fair shake, just like the one you are always complaining that sbs (and by extension, sbs-ers) deserves.

say it with me...

do unto others...


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