Monday, January 30, 2006

the whisk: a fable

imagine, for a moment...that you buy a whisk.

it's your first whisk, so you're pretty excited about this purchase.

you're amazed at how much faster it makes you.

this new whisk of yours allows you to get more done...better and faster than ever before.

and you get comfortable with your whisk.
it works for you, and you're pretty proud of yourself for buying it.
you wonder why you didn't buy a wisk before.

and then part of the whisk breaks.

you're not too worried...since it still works just fine.
in fact, you hardly notice a difference at all.

then it breaks again.

then again.

then two more times.

you notice that the more you use the whisk, the more likely it is to break just a little bit more.

so you don't use the whisk as much.

when you do use the whisk, you treat it very gingerly...nervous that it will finally and irrevocably break.

you come up with all kinds of cockamamie rituals and rules to keep the whisk from breaking. like that particular whisk.
there's just something about it...that you like.
and that's it.

finally, someone convinces you to buy a new whisk.

and, to your amazement, it's even better than your old whisk.

it looks different, feels different.

your new whisk makes you even faster than the old whisk ever did.

sure, there might be just a little bit getting used to this new one, but it's beyond worth it.

and you wonder why you ever held on to that cruddy old whisk for so long...

now...most of you are prolly thinking...what's the big's a whisk, for pete's sake!

true. but substitute the word computer for the word whisk.

ok...yeah...maybe replacing a whisk isn't as big a deal as replacing a computer.

but the fact remains that looooooooooooooooooooooooooong after something should be taken out in the back pasture, shot in the head, and buried in a cornfield, people just keep holding on...and on and on and on and on.

with that said....

rest in peace, 98


burn in h...e...double-hockey stick, millenium...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you had taken out a hardware support contract on the whisk you would have got a new for old replacement Chris (normally within 4 hours).

Although this is not of much use if the whisk fails whilst preparing for a weekend dinner party. In this case, purchasing two whisks at the time of purchase would have been a better move. You could have kept one as a trophy until required.

However, you would have missed out on any newly launched features during the period of the support pack and would still have felt let down.

Maybe hardware assurance is the way to go? You get new models as they release them?

Or get a real PC, a whisk isn't much of a substitute if you think about it!

3:59 AM  
Blogger Tim Barrett said...

I thought Wisk got out ring-around-the-collar??? J/k. Great post bra.

3:33 PM  

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