Friday, March 24, 2006

dear funcave...

with the vlad setting a stellar example this morning, today was unofficially dubbed naughty friday by the mastermind and your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy earlier in the day. keeping with today's theme...

here's a bit of advice from the funcave...
which isn't the typical kind of advice from the funcave.

now...most of us in it have always spent an inordinate amount of time living virtually...either online or in our own heads before the super colossal amazing intarweb came along.

but anymore...a whole ton of everybody...not just the geeks...are doing the virtual living thing.

all which tends to explain the amazing popularity of online dating sites, both in geekland and beyond.

in the interest of full disclosure...

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy does not frequent online dating sites. way

and that's not just because yours truly took a vow a decade ago covering that particular kind of subject.

but also all things virtual...

the issue of trust takes on a whole new meaning.

as in...

how do you know that hot chick you just met is really hot?

or even really a chick?

thanks to a very good friend...
who is really a chick...

i got a bit of insight into the online dating phenomenon.

without further ado...
here is a free gift for you...

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy's super awesome guide to not being an online dating jerkwad

- be truthful.

that's it.

tell the fracking truth. claiming to be some kind of adonis when you really look more like larry the cable guy is one thing.

after all...ya gotta play up your strengths a bit and minimize your weaknesses.

kinda like on a resume.

but it's not exactly a fine line you're crossing when you...

- have been committed to someone for a significant period of time

- continue to meet women online

- pass it off as "nothing"

- fly to meet those aforementioned women in person

- develop relationships with those aforementioned women's children

- do all of this simultaneously, and while ostensibly still being in the original committed relationship

no wonder bigamy is on the rise.

i mean...honestly...

serial dating?

prolly bigger problems there than just working on your game.

as in...overcompensating for some other shortcoming maybe?

better to just lease a ferrari while you get over yourself.

one last tidbit...

altho the jerkwad example above sounded like it was a do you really know?

he could, in fact, be a chick...

and how do you know my friend is really a chick?

she could, quite frankly, be a guy...

how's that for bending your noggin a bit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog......btw...your friend REALLY is a chick!!!!!! And the guy, sounds like a dick!

8:55 PM  

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