Tuesday, April 04, 2006


thanks to a request from a friend...

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy had a chance to do a bit of filming & editing the other day.

man, forget sometimes how much i enjoy doing that...

and how it could have been a whole different path for me a good while ago.

of course, way back in 1990-91...the early masterworks of hfb were shot using super-8.

drove 4 hours one way to get to a lab that would still develop black & white super-8 stock...then waited several hours for them to process it for me.

man...what a long strange trip it's been...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not going to Amsterdam, so I won't get a chance to see your video across the pond. Wanna trade URLs bra? I wanna 'tweak' it ;-)

Dr. F
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10:02 PM  

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