Sunday, June 04, 2006

netflix vs. vongo: round 3


this round, it’s vongo who charges out at the opening bell, pinning netflix in its own corner. for $10 a month, vongo allows an unlimited number of selections at a time.

that’s right…


not a measly 1 title, like netflix.

netflix attempts to counterpunch by probing vongo’s model of certain selections being pay-per-view only, with extra charges & only a 24 hour download & view window for ppv purchases.

however, this only serves to give vongo an opening to pinpoint netflix’s higher monthly pricing models, which can be up to nearly 5x the cost of vongo, for still nowhere near the quantity of simultaneous titles. 

vongo pounds on the champion, shot after shot, with little to no answer from netflix, until the challenger catches the champion flush on the jaw, and for the first time in years…netflix is down!

the champion quickly gets to its feet, and takes a standing 8…

just as the bell rings to end round 3, which vongo obviously takes in stunning fashion.

on to round 4…



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