Monday, August 15, 2005

free willies

if you are a newly minted small business specialist, computer associates wants to give you a ca business protection suite for microsoft small business server premium edition show and sell kit.

that's right kiddies. a free "here's how to sell our stuff for us" kit. that they say is worth $2k.

first: not crazy about giving my contact info to ca, no matter what the offer. sounds more like an offer for tons of spam...err, "targeted electronic marketing"...of which i definitely receive more than enough already.

second: who estimates the values on these things? some crusty old dude at a swap meet who prices his commemorative pepsi bottles at somewhere north of $500 apiece?

there is nothing so foolish to your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy as overestimating the value of something nobody in their right mind would want anyway. of course, if more people understood this concept, then ebay would have to close up shop.

regardless, ca's form is borked right now. even if you completely fill out the offer, it returns a page complaining that you forget a couple of items. items which, not surprisingly, don't even appear on the form page at all. lovely.

wow...with the level of quality demonstrated so far by ca with this offer, i can't wait to get to selling their stuff to my a-list clients!


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