Thursday, August 04, 2005

don't know much about crm

so i've been busily gathering info and resources about it lately. you can imagine my interest in an implementation guide for ms crm.

sure, it's about implementing crm 1.2, even tho crm 3.0 is coming soon.
as my uncle olaf always said:

new software versions may come and go,
but a sound implementation approach lasts forever

kinda funny tho. from the description on the download page, it seems to me this is more like an installation and maintenance guide.

according to scott colson, who gave a fantastic SBS-sized webcast on crm 1.2 yesterday afternoon (many thanks to the diva for her reminder), it is of utmost importance to always remember:

implementation does not equal installation

so maybe this should be called a crm installation guide instead?


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