Tuesday, August 02, 2005

microsoft to pirates: check

microsoft changed the windows genuine advantage validation tool to correct the weakness announced a few days ago.

while i was skating the web, found this site tracking the fixes due to appear in windows xp sp3. not an official ms site, but intriguing nonetheless.

site also mentions a media center update codenamed emerald.
hadn't paid attention to media center news before, but since i have a new machine running mce 2005, i am now.

mce 2005 rocks, btw. i love it.

altho...i'm impatiently waiting for ms' media center keyboard to be released, since i'd like to fully control the os, not just the media center interface, from a single input device. as much as i like gyration's offering, it's still two input devices: remote/mouse and keyboard.

even so...gyration's 100' range is very tempting. opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to placement of the pc. but then i'd prolly also have to purchase a media extender...and that'd be way over what i'm willing to spend.

at least i think it would be...can't find pricing info on the keyboard anywhere, which peeves me to no end.


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