Saturday, July 30, 2005

today's rantus majorus: this is not a beta test!

i loathe the fact that ms peppers their exams with non-scored "test" questions. the verbiage you have to click-approve prior to taking an exam says "hey...don't worry...these questions aren't big deal...helps us out...thanks for playing."

well, excuse-moi for assuming that all the hours i've put in studying (not to mention the testing fee i've paid, plus my non-billable hours to take the test, plus the 120 mile round trip to get to the nearest testing center) are for my professional benefit, not your company's...thank ya very little.

did it ever occur to anyone that since i don't know which questions won't be scored, i might waste an inordinate amount of time on an "unscored" question (or heaven forbid, more than one).

time prolly much better spent on questions that actually count toward something crazy final fracking score!

not so surprising that testing centers have added a phrase to the bottom of candidate sign-in sheets that says:

threats of physical harm or violence toward testing center personnel can result in expulsion from the testing center, forfeiture of fees, loss of certification status, and even notification of law enforcement."

hey all you tech vendors: time to do your part to help prevent testing center violence.

if i want to take a beta exam, i'll sign up for one. otherwise, test me on the content i've prepared to be tested on, and leave the unscored "junk" off my exams.

thank you for playing...


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