Thursday, August 11, 2005

when is a dirty word not a dirty word?

why, when you let one fly yourself!

because, after all, you're not being vulgar or uncouth, like other people. you're just letting off a little steam, right?

the dirty word your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has been using recently happens to be one of the most dreaded words in all of techdom:


that's right. i've been busy working on marketing material for the past week, and i can safely say...i would rather be repeatedly hit in the head with a huge, heavy hammer.

of course, i've always had my share of derogatory terms for sales & marketing staff, including:
  • sales bunny
  • sales droid
  • bastard
  • f-ing bastard
  • puke
and finally, the ever popular...
  • phone monkey
however, marketing is really much more than business cards, ads, and give-away collateral. your entire vision for your practice and the methodology by which you serve your clients comprise the biggest and longest "ad campaign" with which your business will ever be involved, perhaps even for the life of your company.

so, in some ways, marketing should be a snap, right? after all, you are simply telling customers and prospects what you already believe and have put into practice, and why they should obviously use and trust you, rather than jimmy joe bob's computer repair and bait shop across town.

but if that's the case, then why does it always seem so hard to come up with something that doesn't sound stilted and moronic?


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