Wednesday, October 19, 2005


so...your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has been mighty interested in windows mobile lately. interested enough to sign up for not one, but two separate webcasts about windows mobile last month.

you can imagine the heartbreak that ensued when both 'casts were rescheduled.

well just so happens that today and yesterday were the reschedule dates. and i have to say...i was glad i sat in.

at least for one of them, that is.

despite having two different titles, both sessions were almost mirror images of each other. so...altho the content was very good...the second was nearly a complete waste of time for me.

and that kinda pisses me off. because there is little to no way to know if there will be anything different, i tend to use the title of a webcast to determine if it contains something new or not.

and i do that...because the title is really all i have to go on.

evidently, this is not the only place this issue of recycled, warmed-over content crops up.

yours truly has been pretty excited about the sbs team tour, after managing to snag a seat for the stop in alpharetta, georgia next monday.

but now...well, let's just say the feedback about the sbs team stops that have happened so far has been a bit...underwhelming, to say the least.

heavy on sales pitch and marketing doublespeak...very light on the deep-diving stuff most important to folks already "tuned in" to the smb space.

that's disheartening. cuz these chances to speak directly and frankly don't come around very often for the folks on either side of these events.'s that feedback thing i mentioned a little bit ago.

when you have folks who are deeply and emotionally invested in your product, and they are making some pretty significant treks to connect even more deeply with your product and give their feedback about it...but you're not willing to take let them make those connections and give that feedback, you have just squandered an perfect opportunity to get...uber-cheaply, i might add...what most business strategists would sell their left arms for.

so...if anyone at the mothership is visiting...

i would bet my left arm that 95% or better of every audience in attendance at the sbs team tour stops has already drank the kool-aid. they are already sold on sbs, and how much it absolutely rocks.

so drop the sales pitch. quit recycling stuff from every wednesday on the web 'cast for the last 12 months.

for pete's sake...

kick it up a notch!

now is no time to be afraid of what the community has to say about the future (or the present) of sbs. we're not interested in bashing anything or anyone. we're interested in sbs because we're basing our businesses, our lives and our livelihoods, on it.

if all this is still not clear enough, this is as clearly and directly as i can say it...

we're onboard already!

so quit talking to us as tho we aren't...sheesh!


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