Friday, October 14, 2005

major update out for media center edition 2005 today

if you're planning on picking up an xbox 360 next month, you'll want to go ahead and put this update on, which, among other things, adds the ability for an xbox 360 to act as a media extender for mce 2005.

it sounds pretty cool, since the xbox 360 will supposedly offer the full mce experience remotely, unlike current media extenders.

of course, if you've added your mce to a domain...even after this update you prolly still won't be able to use the xbox 360 as an extender.

either that...or the patch may fubar your mce's connection to your domain.

i don't have a way to test it...but i'm sure the diva will shortly, so if you're the nervous might want to wait and watch her blog for more info.

keep 'em flyin'!


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