Thursday, October 13, 2005

maybe...they're just not that into you

with apologies to candace bushnell...or whoever wrote that episode

while chatting this morning with susanne "the riddler" dansey, the topic of client contact came up.

kind of a long story how we got to that particular topic, and not really germane anyway, so i'll just cut to the chase.

basically we were talking about how sometimes a seemingly inconsequential thing can make or break your establishing a relationship with a new client or prospect.

very much like dating.

i've adapted an axiom from the aforementioned ms. bushnell concerning clients...and it goes like this:

potential clients know in the first 2 minutes whether they are going to hire you.

people tend to go with their gut. it's a natural thing...and hard to fight.

so...what do i think most clients are looking for in their it provider?

again...keep in mind it's kinda like dating...

clients are looking for someone who is:
  • easy to talk to
  • able to listen...really listen
  • confident, but not arrogant
  • cares about them, and what's important to them
  • can make them laugh, but know when it's time to get serious
now, you obviously can't prove all that in the first 2 minutes.
clients have to sense that stuff about you.

so...then the question you give off that kinda vibe?


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