Sunday, October 16, 2005

steve cheap-ass

as regular visitors to the funcave already will be delivered tomorrow.

in preparation for her triumphant arrival at the funcave, yours truly ventured out today via the hidden entrance and picked up an ipod nano dock...which, by the by, isn't even available on the apple store anymore.

my thought was that the dock would be used here in the funcave, while the sync cable that will come with the nano would be used while travelling, such as to atlanta for an overnight stay next week.

silly happyfunboy! how dare you assume that...just because every other dock of any kind you have ever purchased included a cable...the nano dock would come with a cable as well.

but no no. for 30 smackers you get a piece of white plastic that resembles nothing so much as a chiclet on steroids, and that's it. an additional sync cable to go with it is an extra 20 buckaroos. which is total frackin' b.s.!

so then i looked at the ipod universal dock. which, for a scant 40 dollalas, works with all current ipod models, and includes throat adapters for every model.

however...still no fracking cable!

so let's do the math...

universal dock...$40
sync cable...$20
av cable...$20
power adapter...$30
remote control...$30

a new gulfstream jet as your executive compensation?...priceless

so your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is officially looking for a good dock option for an ipod nano. anybody have a suggestion?

doesn't matter. i can wait. already waiting on a decent skin for the nano before i take it to the gym with me.


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