Saturday, October 22, 2005


bama just kicked your ass!

alabama over tennessee, 6-3, in a defensive battle that came down to the fundamentals of field position, clock management, and special teams.

bama should definitely have another pontiac game changing performance this week, from either:
  • the awesome hit by roman harper on tennessee's corey anderson right at the alabama 5 yard line, forcing anderson to fumble the ball through the endzone for a touchback. which meant that single hit simultaneously stopped a scoring threat and gave alabama immediate possession of the ball on their own 20. superlative defensive effort.
  • during the possession garnered by that fumble, brody croyle's 43 yard pass to d.j. hall on 3rd down, sparking a tide offensive drive in the closing minutes that set up the winning field goal by hayden christensen, his second game-winning score in a row.
both plays helped keep alabama unbeaten at 7-0, and still in the hunt for the national title.

even better...made this jackass slink back to chattanooga after bama gave him yet another big fat loss to slurp down his fat fracking cakehole.

suck on that, fatmer!

you lily-livered, slimy rat bastard...

now waddle on home...sure you want get back to performing unspeakable acts on smokey as soon as possible. wonder if you'll get any punishment for that?

you better hope the ncaa is in charge of that investigation too. we all know how much they love slapping you on the wrist...or is that a high-five?

they both look the same here at the funcave.


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