Saturday, October 22, 2005

on the road again...

apologies to mr. willie nelson...

that's right kiddos...your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy goes on yet another short trip soon.

luckily, no flying this time...which means no airport security checkpoints. just a short drive over to atlanta.

on monday, i'll be attending the sbs tour stop, sponsored by the atlants sbs users' group. the next day i've got a seat at the crm 3.0 readiness event at the hilton downtown.

so, if any visitors here at the funcave are planning to attend either of those events, look me up! maybe we can grab a bite to eat or a beer afterwards.


Anonymous Jim Online said...

The road seems clear and a drive will be relatively easy. It is the opposite here in New York. The crowded streets has kept me from arriving at the office on time. This week, I will be having a series of conferences near Queens. The traffic there is equally heavy.

7:27 PM  

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