Thursday, February 16, 2006

surprise! the next version of office will be called...

office 2007!

wow...wonder how long the marketing team stayed up thinking of that one?

since it sounds just like ea's sports franchise machine anyway...i suggest ms' steal away the spokesman for ea's solid gold baby, and instead call the next release...

john madden office: full impact productivity suite

instead of clippy...have animated linebackers tackling documents, or folders, or office geeks...terry tate-style. all the while, madden's voice doing color commentary while you work...

it's basic fundamentals, like pivot tables, that lead to victory!!!

now that would sell like hotcakes.

heck...think of all the confused fanboys who would be camping out at their local computer retailer so they'd be sure to be the first one to get it!

ok ok...enough free advice to the blue's the announcement:

Microsoft Announces 2007 Microsoft Office Release NEW
Microsoft Corp. today announced the lineup of its upcoming 2007 Microsoft® Office system products, previously code-named Microsoft Office "12," including new and improved suites, applications, servers and services to be available by the end of 2006. The 2007 release is designed to increase individual impact, simplify collaboration, streamline business processes and content management, and improve business insight. The product and packaging lineup is grounded in a deep understanding of how customers' needs intersect with trends in the workplace. Microsoft will make available both enhanced and new packaging options to make it easier for customers to purchase the solutions that best meet their unique business needs.

Details about the 2007 Microsoft Office system products, including press releases and white papers on new Office products, application naming, suite packaging, server lineup, and U.S. estimated retail prices, can be found online at and go check it out if you're interested...right john?

that's right who's ready for some powerpoint!!!!


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