Thursday, April 06, 2006

from the home office in amsterdam...

regular visitors to the funcave are prolly aware of the festivities currently happening overseas through the end of today...

since your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy has such a super-awesome list of pals, yours truly received the following update straight from one of the top folks responsible for organizing the aforementioned festivities...

hey gang!

what a great day. i received tons of positive feedback about how the day ran. everyone seems to be quite pleased with the speakers and venue.

here are some observations that i have made over the past 24 hours:

- some of the guys from the uk need to keep better track of their passports.

- i met the surrogate mother of sbs and found out that she has a very strong firewall.

- we have an awesome group of consultants here!

- there were a lot of 'firsts' with regards to the scavenger hunt.

- it is not in my job description to drive in downtown amsterdam...yikes, that was an experience.

- there are 6 andrews here from the uk.


- if you have to deal with the front desk...ask for pierre! less than 15 minutes...

queenie, mark mulvaney and robbie "danger" upcroft are speaking.

so wake up sleepyheads!

there's a surprise that you won't want to miss...

and yes...

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy regrets not trying to make the trip over there to meet everyone.


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