Wednesday, May 03, 2006

getting fixed

well kiddos...

it's official.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy is broken.

literally speaking, yours truly has a ruptured cervical disc.

this explains the ungodly pain in my right arm for the last 2 weeks, which has made it impossible for me to walk, stand, drive, etc. for more than 5 minutes at a time.

besides the pain tho, my right arm is noticeably weaker than my left, with tingling and numbness in my fingers.

as if that wasn't enough, the disc right below the ruptured one is bulging.


i will be undergoing major surgery this friday to correct all of this.

got a fairly long recovery ahead...

lots of rehab, all that.

so the funcave might be shuttered for a little while...

but we'll re-open for business soon...

i promise.


Anonymous MarieMc said...

my oh my sir.
Wishing you a quick recovery.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous David Overton said...


This does not sound good, but one of the nice things about Laptops/Notebooks is that no mater what the angle they make you lie, you can adjust the screen so you can see it. :-)

I hope you get well soon and if there is anything you need (from this side of the pond) just call.

take care



10:53 AM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Wish you well man. I know you'll be back up and clicking/mousing/typing away in no time...

4:14 PM  
Blogger Susanne said...

Thinking of you!

Get well soon X

9:38 AM  

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