Monday, April 24, 2006

come get your learn on!

that's right kiddos...

just one more day until your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy hits the airwaves with a 3 part ts2 webcast series on small business server titled...

crown jewels of sbs

wednesday, thursday & friday this week yours truly & ron grattopp will be discussing the very best parts of sbs!

as in...

those parts of sbs that you can't get anywhere else.

the bulk of each presentation will be a live demo, with a good dose of best practices, tips & tricks, and resources you can use.

but we're mainly gonna talk about the business case for these features of sbs.

as in...

how these features can help you make more money supporting small business server.

here's hoping this series will help dispel some of the myths concerning sbs and dissipate prejudice against sbs among partners...

particularly the idea that sbs isn't a real server.


gonna try to keep it a bit serious.

but with dr. funkenstein among those in the mosh pit...

all bets are off about how long my smart-aleck-colored glasses stay in my pocket.

you can find more info, including signup links, in the funcave archive here.

come join the fun!


Blogger Ken Edwards said...

I hope the pain as gone away and you can concentrate on the topic. Of course, you could do this in you sleep, so I am not worried.

Good Luck Today!

8:35 AM  

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