Friday, April 07, 2006



got a special announcement here at the gather 'round please.

namely, that yours truly will be coming to a microsoft webcast near you! heard correctly, kiddos.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy will be presenting a 3 part series
titled crown jewels of sbs at the end of this very month for microsoft's ts2 program.

we're basically gonna take an in-depth look at some of the most valuable exclusive features of small business server. besides best practices, tips, and nuts-and-bolts type stuff...we're also planning to discuss the business case for using these features.

here's the breakdown:

4/26 - part 1: sharepoint & companyweb
4/27 - part 2: wizards, faxing & monitoring
4/28 - part 3: remote web workplace & mobility

oddly seems that waaaaaaaaay too many folks, for one reason or another, totally ignore those very features when installing, configuring, or otherwise using sbs.

this is not just folks missing opportunities for additional service or implementation work, either.

we're talking...botched sbs installs.
for no reason other than plain ignorance.

bitzie has a pretty good post on this very issue
. jewels will help wake a good many more folks up.

mad props to ron grattopp, ts2 presenter extraordinaire.
ron was kind enough to put me and this presentation on the webcast schedule.

ron has also been a fantastic supporter of alabamasmb, the sbs/smb user group i helped found, and several other sbs groups around the country. our group has grown to 41 members, in no small part due to some key things ron did to help keep our group's momentum going.

also...generously offering to help handle the q&a section will be tim "dr. funkenstein" barrett.

that's right...ol' mr. louisville slugger himself!

and perhaps some other group leaders as well.

so please come and join us on the 26th, 27th & 28th of this month to get your learn on!

now...if you are currently in an sbs user group...

let your group leader know you will be attending, and nudge them to drop me an e-mail so we can give a special shoutout to your group. also, please put your groupname in brackets on your display name when you sign in.

and if you're not in an sbs user group...

well...what are you waiting for?

go find one and join...or start one if there isn't one near you!

but most importantly...share the signup links with any and every it pro you know who you think would be interested in learning how to get the most out of small business server.

stay frosty, everybody...


Blogger Ken Edwards said...

I'll be there for you.

...unless a lizard jumps in a server and shorts it out. Us one-man shops occasionaly still have to "run around with our heads chopped off". No monitoring software will predict that!

11:27 AM  

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