Sunday, June 04, 2006

netflix vs. vongo: round 5


once again, vongo charges out, perhaps too quickly.

netflix squares up, plants its feet, and lands some staggering power shots with its more flexible queue management options. netflix’s flexible browser interface also pummels vongo’s required proprietary client and viewer application, dealing the challenger a severe setback. 

vongo’s knees look shaky, and the referee watches vongo closely, ready to stop the fight if need be.

but vongo, showing a fighter’s heart, weathers the onslaught from netflix, battling back with simultaneous support for up to 3 devices, then matching netflix blow-for-blow in the areas of selection search, recommendations, preview & review.

the crowd is on its feet, cheering on these two warriors.

vongo feints by offering support for portable media center devices, and gets tagged by netflix since the support is only for devices running portable media center version 2.0, of which there are exactly 0 pmc 2.0 devices available in the u.s., which is also the only geographical location supported by vongo right now, prolly due to content licensing restrictions, similar to dvd region coding.

vongo struggles to hang on…

with round 5 ending in a draw.

on to round 6…



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