Monday, June 19, 2006

welcome to hellsouth

the screaming reptilian from florida noted earlier that cingular released the msfp upgrade for windows mobile 5 devices today.


now before anyone lets any pigeons loose…

might want to take note of a couple things.

in their usual ham-handed fashion, cingular’s fumbled the release process from the start.

visiting the msfp download page will have you searching fruitlessly for the upgrade & leave you with nothing but the following message at the bottom:

Check back soon for the download link to the required updated firmware for the 8125 and 2125. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the download.

also, as per usual, hellsouth wants you to smile and grit your teeth while they make you squeal like a piggy for any added functionality.

the special data plan rates for direct push for both windows mobile pocket pcs & smart phones are $5 & $10 higher, respectively, per month than what those plans previously cost.

which, quite frankly…

should surprise absolutely no one.



Blogger Vlad said...

Holy sh..

Wow, they keep on going lower and lower. And these are the people we are to trust to put in censorship of the Internet?


4:42 AM  
Blogger Amy - Harbor Computer Services said...

Can't trust anyone with censorship. Greed will always prevail.

Though gotta say that Cingular has managed to get me to work at the boat. That GSM Wi-Fi card in my laptop it doing too good a job keeping me connected, even in former General Telephone territory, where they still put you on a party line unless you request a private one. I think Lily Tomlin still works there too.

12:30 PM  

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