Thursday, June 08, 2006

complete complete surprise

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy must admit…

he’s not often surprised by many things.

however, this very evening…

yours truly was caught completely off-guard when he received this at a microsoft partner appreciation dinner:


over at the sbs show, we talk a lot about community.

specifically about getting involved, sharing, benefits, etc.

and even tho the hunk of rock pictured above is not why this happyfunboy got involved, nor why he’s stayed involved…

it was nice to know that someone else noticed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You totally deserved that award. You have done the most amazing things for the community in the past year. Congratulations Christopher Rue!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Williams

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Peter Bryden said...

Chris you may have been surprised but all of us that know you aren't surprised at all. Keep up the good work.


2:43 PM  

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