Sunday, June 04, 2006

netflix vs. vongo: post-fight analysis

to be sure, vongo took netflix down in stunningly brilliant fashion.

but, in a sense, netflix was its own worst enemy.

here’s how the scorecard looked..

    • selection = netflix
    • availability = vongo
    • price = vongo
    • quantity = vongo
    • features = draw
    • speed = vongo
    • convenience = vongo


to successfully defend its newly acquired title, vongo has several areas it seriously needs to shore up.

  • remove the 10 item limit on the download queue. only 1 item downloads at a time anyway, so this is a totally artificial limit that puts some unnecessary hassle in the interface that doesn’t need to be there.
  • add the ability to move an entire series of a show to the queue at once. obviously, items in a series should by default be added so they download in order. better yet, add a checkbox to allow multiple choices of items to be added to the queue at once. would make searches much more helpful.
  • add the ability to instantly move a title to any spot in the download queue. reordering titles to prioritize the downloading schedule is needlessly difficult & annoying.
  • beef up the selections. the ability to watch starz channel live is ok at best, but more new releases would be much better bang for the buck.
  • chop the ppv prices in half, or drop them altogether. the ppv and membership title mechanisms are at such odds with each other, vongo risks muddying the water too much. perhaps all titles are shown to help make the library of selections look less anemic. beef the library, and this becomes a non-issue.
  • portable media center support is a joke. not supporting pmc 1.0 devices? what gives? pmc 2.0 devices aren’t even out yet, and quite frankly might be a total bust. pmc 1.0 devices are already out there, and would give real credence to vongo’s idea of a truly portable service.

all in all tho…

vongo works most closely to how everybody here at the funcave want services like this to work in the future.

  • no muss, no fuss.
  • click, choose, watch.
  • without costing an arm and a leg.

even if vongo doesn’t do anything else…

they’ve got to work on pumping up their selection library if they want to fend off future competitors.

as is it…

if their selections were a tad beefier…

they’d have absolutely taken out netflix in the first round.


from all of us here at happyfunboy productions…

good night…

and thanks for watching!



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