Sunday, June 04, 2006

netflix vs. vongo: round 6


both fighters come out cautiously to start this round, sizing each other up carefully.

netflix makes a half-hearted attempt with a sloppy roundhouse that misses, and vongo pounces.

vongo tears into the champion with its lightning fast download speeds of 600k or more. free from the limitations of physical media, vongo can do everything netflix can do, except at a rate that seems a billion times faster. vongo lands blow after blow against netflix, taking full advantage of the speed impairment netflix suffers due to its reliance on the u.s. postal service.

vongo also lands some devastating uppercuts, which turn the champion’s legs to jelly, when netflix leaves itself defenseless due to its now-infamous policy of throttling heavy users.

pouring it on now…

vongo even adds a showboat flourish with its ability to begin watching a movie after only 2% has been downloaded.

the fight still looks like a mismatch…but not as most folks expected.

netflix looks like a tired tired fighter, who should have retired years ago…while vongo looks like a spring colt.

vongo takes round 6, in an almost embarrassingly easy fashion.

on to round 7…



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