Friday, September 16, 2005

just coasting along, checking out different blogs

now, these would be the blogs of folks who were fellow attendees at smb nation this past weekend. thought i'd kinda get a look at what other folks thought of the conference, etc.

and for the record, i personally think vlad mazek's prolly stands as the best overview of the conference.

it's far too complicated a list to get the entire path of which lilypads i was jumping to and when, but here's how it ended:


what the...?

talk about deja vu. you might notice that susanne is also using blogger, and the exact same graphical theme as your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy.

normally, i'd start ranting about such a thing. but after meeting way i could get torqued about that.

besides, she's really kidding!
and even if you're an american!


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