Sunday, October 23, 2005

happyfunboy calls it!

just as yours truly predicted, that amazing fumble forced by roman harper easily became one of this week's pontiac game changing performance nominees. click the link and check out the video...week 8, clip 3.

that makes a total of 4 nominations for alabama this season. and so far, they've won every time they've been nominated.


i still think prothro's catch against southern miss will win best performance of the year, and bring home 200 thousand buckaroos to alabama's general scholarship fund.

be sure to check out that video too...week 2, clip 3.

and...if you're a complete-ist like can see alabama's other 2 game changing performances by checking out:
  • week 3, clip 4
  • week 5, clip 4
of course, seeing these plays unfold while being naked from the waist up with your entire upper body painted crimson except for a gigantic white a, wearing a huge red afro wig and screaming roll tide at the top of your lungs could make a significant difference in your level of appreciation of these clips.

so feel free to replicate that exact kind of viewing experience while checking out the videos...assuming you won't break any local statutes by doing so.

and if you want to submit photographic or videographic evidence of said re-enactment, your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy will be sure to post it here at the funcave.


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