Thursday, February 16, 2006

gloom, meet doom. doom...gloom.

gotta love the tech press.

they never seem to miss a chance to sound a death knell for some market or sector every chance they get...all the while proving themselves utter fools when it comes to the realities of being in the business of providing tech.

office live has the opportunity to double our firm's business, and here's a quick pop quiz to explain why:

web-enabled apps require what, exactly?

you in the back...speak up...don't be shy...

that's right!

web-enabled apps require connectivity.
and connectivity means...infrastructure, in one way or another. be sure...your idea of infrastructure might have to shift.

a given client's needs may dictate that, instead of a server at the office, they need a web-enabled app.

rather than dumping $10K or so into a server, you might need $5K for internet connectivity, etc., anyone?

ok...bad example...given their notorious penchant for outages.

but if your entire business model is you selling x number of gee whizzy app 2.5 a month, no matter what is the best fit for your clients...then i don't want to know ya.

our clients use us for much more than server monkey tasks.
they ask us to advise them on the tech decisions and directions they take.

so...our clients might ask us to help choose a connectivity provider, a wireless device and provider, and help them integrate that into their business, including business process development and training.

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy's best advice for today is...

don't get wedded too closely to a single product or methodology or buzzword of the months.

at least not so much that you become petrified of change when it is necessary.

otherwise, i can almost guarantee you will find yourself rooted in yesterday's ideas...and your business will stumble.

all you need is this one simple idea...

dedicate yourself and your business to the idea of making your clients successful...and your success will follow.


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