Thursday, February 16, 2006

say man...somebody stole your battery life...

i say we go get the mother*%@$#!

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy recently saw an article on one of his favorite sites, anandtech, about an issue that's been discovered that can significantly affect battery life on certain notebooks.

basically, any usb 2.0 device plugged into a core duo or pentium m laptop can keep that machine from reaching deeper acpi states, which can decrease the running time by nearly 30% in some cases.

check out the article here for the lowdown, a possible workaround, and full accounting of the issue.

or, you can just rig up one of these suckers, and drag it around with you wherever you roam...

and for those of you who caught the pop-culture reference in the title...yours truly has just one more thing to say... dead.


Blogger Tim Barrett said...

Yet *another* reason to be a happy AMD 64-bit Athlon laptop owner, just like me. ;-)

Charlie Murphy! WHACK!!

3:29 PM  

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