Monday, May 08, 2006

don't let today's patch tuesday steal your mojo

mothership is releasing a patch today that may drop the hammer on 3rd party mobility solutions, notably blackberry enterprise server and good technology's goodlink.

basically, this patch removes the send as permission in exchange server 2000 & 2003 from being implicitly granted by the full mailbox access permission, which is the default method bes and goodlink normally use to work their mojo.

you will need to explicitly grant the send as permission for each mobile user's mailbox to the service account used by bes or goodlink.

for more info, check out this kb article from the mothership.

blackberry t-support has a document concerning this issue available as well.

last but not least, good technology has this older faq document outlining this issue for the hot-fix version, which is still valid for the full patch version.

keep in mind tho, this thing might put the bang-shang-a-lang on you in other ways...

one thing that immediately jumps to mind...

a shared mailbox account which multiple folks use, and need to send mail as that shared account, rather than as themselves.

we've seen this type of configuration for help desk and other service accounts where the individual sender needs to stay "hidden."

basically, anything that needs to send mail as someone or something else might be affected. so check custom and other mail service dependent 3rd party apps very carefully.

in other words...

have a plan before loading this patch.

nothing makes for a bad day like inadvertantly disabling the bosses' mobile devices...

or worse, hosing an lob app.


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