Saturday, April 08, 2006

wind beneath my wings

your friendly neighborhood happyfunboy would like to take a moment to salute a group that has been a super awesome help to him over the last several months.

you of my projects since october of 2005 has been starting and leading alabamasmb, a user group focused on smb it issues...including, but not limited

some of the biggest helping hands i've received while trying to keep alabamasmb growing and afloat have been from the amazing folks at culminis.

after being introduced to a couple key folks at culminis, i simply put them on my "secondary" mailing list, which consists of people who are not members, but are key contacts who help spread the word about our group, our meetings, etc.

lo and behold, after a month or two, yours truly was contacted by the culminis rep who handles our region.

this person had already looked at what we were doing, our previous group site, plus other things in which we had previously shown interest.

so...when she contacted me she already had a list of suggestions prepared for our group. things which she obviously thought would be the biggest help to our group.

and you know what?

she was right on the money with all of them!

not the least of which is...our group's new home. the whole gang at culminis...

and most especially to
stephanie, empress extraordinaire of the central us and great lakes region...

big huge amazing mad props to you!

it's a nice change of pace to have someone helping to both reduce the amount of time spent running a group and increase the results at growing the group.

and this is for the sponsors of culminis...

keep giving them financial support!
in fact, give them even more!
they are GOLDEN!

yep...that's right kiddos.

yours truly just used capitalization right there.

regular visitors to the funcave know what that means...

no higher praise than capital letters here at the funcave.

believe you me...

culminis has more than earned it!


Blogger Ken Edwards said...

A bit more style that our Arizon SMB Group.

Isn't community a great thing?

11:38 AM  
Blogger happyfunboy said...


thanks for the link, ken.

fair warning:

i will shamelessly and totally swipe anything of use i see on your group's site.

obviously, feel free to do the same. :)

if you'd like a peek at our members-only site, let me know.

and rocks!

11:42 AM  

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